Accounting homework help

Q1:  All of the following are historical reasons for the increase in health care expenditures in the U.S. EXCEPT:
A) Cost insulation because of third-party payers.
B) Employer-sponsored health insurance.
C) Universal health insurance coverage.
D) Technological advances in health care.
E) ACA Reforms.
F) Decrease in competition in health insurance sector due to rising data-intensity in the sector.
G) Increased quality of care as measured by tangible outcomes metrics (e.g. life expectancies relating to different procedures and treatments, etc.
Explain your answer(s).
Q2:  Joan was injured in an auto accident. She was totally disabled and collected disability income benefits for 8 months. She would like to return to work on a part-time basis to see if her recovery is complete. Under what type of an insurance contract will her insurer pay disability income benefits to her during the period of her part-time employment?
A) Recurrent disability.
B) Presumptive disability.
C) Permanent disability.
D) Partial disability.
Explain your answer.
Q3:  B-Gallery owns a building on Wharf Street. B-Gallery purchased a Commercial General Liability Policy with no endorsements. All of the following claims would be covered under the policy EXCEPT
A) An artist sued the gallery for slander after an employee of the gallery said the artist’s work looks like it was painted by an intoxicated monkey.
B) A customer is injured when a painting falls from the wall and strikes the customer.
C) A customer is injured after falling on a slippery floor at the gallery.
D) An employee of the gallery accidentally started a fire that caused extensive damage to the building.
E) An owner of an adjacent building negligently floods B-Gallery with water, resulting in damages to the B-Gallery’s inventory.
Explain your answer(s).
Q4:  Executives of a smaller firm listed on the NYSE blocked an acquisition attempt by a larger company. When the stockholders learned they could have made large profits had the acquisition not been blocked, they filed a lawsuit against the executives of the firm. What type of liability insurance protects the executives of the organization against such suits?
A) Dram shop liability insurance
B) Directors and officers liability insurance
C) Employers liability insurance
D) Employment related practices liability insurance
E) Business Interruption insurance
What type of coverage would apply in this case?
1) blanket coverage.
2) corporate reimbursement coverage.
3) personal liability of directors and officers coverage.
4) entity coverage.
Explain your answers.
Q5:  You are risk manager at Bay Engineering, Ltd. You purchased a Commercial Package Policy for your company and added one optional coverage. This option suspends the coinsurance clause and substitutes a new agreement covering any loss in the same proportion that the limit of insurance purchased bears to a value specified in the declarations. This provision is known as
A) waiver of inventory coverage.
B) inflation guard coverage.
C) agreed value coverage.
D) replacement cost coverage
In this case, will the deduction be taken for depreciation when settling a covered loss?


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