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  Link to Starbucks SEC-10K Report: https://www.sec.gov/ix?doc=/Archives/edgar/data/829224/000082922419000051/sbux-9292019x10xk.htm


  • Always include the name of your company in the subject line and the link to the SEC 10-K in your posting.
  • Answer all of the questions below and do NOT cut and paste from the 10-K.
  • Use your own words to answer.

Discussion Requirements

Using vertical analysis (show your calculations), present the following values for this year and last year:

  • gross profit margin
  • net profit margin (use the last “net income” line on the statement)
  • Comment on changes:
    • Are sales increasingly profitable?
    • How are gross profit and net income changing, as dollar values?

WK5: SEC 10-K Statement of Cash Flows

Discussion Requirements

Review the Statement of Cash Flows for your chosen company and provide a brief description of what you discover for each of the items listed below.
Category: Operating Activities

  1. Net income versus total for operating activities: Report these values.
  2. What are the items of significance between net income and total for operating activities?
  3. Is the business providing cash flow from operations?

Category: Investing and Financing Activities

  1. Describe significant long-term assets (type and amount) purchased, sold, or retired during the current period as well as last year.
  2. Describe significant financing activities used by the corporation to increase cash (or other assets): These would be related to long-term liabilities and stockholders’ equity.

Category: Analysis

  1. Overall Cash Flow (total of three sections): Compare this year to last year.

****Just need 2018 and 2019 Data. Due tomorrow 11:59pm EST


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