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ACCT-361: Database Project Step Two (20 points)
1. If you are given feedback to change things in Step 1, make sure you follow it. If you are not given any feedback, it means everything is good as is. The feedback is on Blackboard, under Project Step 1. In most cases you can increase your Step 1 grade if you reupload. You may upload corrected versions of Step 1 until Step 2 due date. One thing to note is that I will regrade your Step 1 only once. So, make sure you understand the feedback you are given. I will regrade Step 1 when grading Step 2. Also, you can upload multiple versions of your project steps. I will always grade the latest one at the time of grading. Therefore, you do not need to ask me to grade the updated version.

  1. Begin to build your system project prototype using thetwo chosen events (needs to be connected, as per Step 1 instructions) and      related resources and agents from your Step 1.
  2. Create the tables with primary key, foreign keys and non-keys based on rules we have used for implementation in this course.      Grading of this assignment is based heavily on proper implementation.      Selection of non-key attributes based on your chosen industry is also      critical. If I recognize your effort in doing so, you will be rewarded.
  3. Create the relationships between tables and enforce      referential integrity. (Remember for Step 2 and your project that only      prototype (implement in Access) 2 events selected in Step 1 along with      related master files and linking tables, not the entire process.)      Enforcing referential integrity is quite simple – when you double-click on      the relationship line, you should see a checkbox about it. Relationships      can be implemented and reviewed by clicking Database Tools/Relationships in Access.
  4. Make sure to choose the correct data type when building      fields in tables. This step is a good time to consider using unique      industry attributes and auto number data type. Review of these topics can      be found in the Tables lab videos on Blackboard, under Course Resources,      Microsoft Access Help Resources, Tables Lab and Videos.
  5. Do not populate tables with data at this point.
  6. Keep your graded step 1 & 2 as you will need that      for the final project.
  7. Save your database as: YourLastName_FirstName_Spring20_      FirmName

What to submit: 

  1. PAPER: A print screen of your relationships created in      the database – with referential integrity enforced. Expand print screen      size, if too small.
  2. UPLOAD TO BLACKBOARD: Access Database File.
  3. UPLOAD TO BLACKBOARD: Data dictionary for all tables.      This can be accessed in MS Access under Tools/Documenter. See next page      for data dictionary instructions.

Steps to save data dictionary as .pdf for all tables for Project Step 2:

  1. Select Database Tools tab.      Click Database Documenter icon.
  2. Documenter window pops up.      Select all table names. Click Options button.
  3. Print Table Definition      window pops up. There are three sections: Tables, Fields, Indexes:
    1. For       Tables – Include Properties and Relationships.
    2. For       Fields – Select Names, Data Types and Sizes only.
    3. For       Indexes- Select Nothing.
  4. Click OK. Click PDF or      XPS.
  5. Save in PDF format and      upload to blackboard.

Note: the answer for step One which you gonna depend on it i will attach it

  • attachment



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