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In responding to Maria and Tedra post compare their thoughts on a potential career to your own. Are there any similarities? Reflect on the concept of helping that you investigated in Module Seven. How do your peers’ chosen careers reflect a helping role? What other careers in the field might you suggest to them based on their stated interests?
Maria post
I can certainly envision myself in a career in social psychology! I am a psychology major with a concentration in social psychology. I entered this program with the idea of helping African American girls with self-image. Society through media has always put pressure on girls and women in America.  Being a certain size, looking a certain way is always emphasized in media in this country but, especially for African American girls/women.  I would love to start my own non-profit to help African Americans girls/women to embrace their natural beauty (hair, complexion, body shape). The things I have learned in this course have confirmed that I have taken the right path with my future career.  This course lays the foundation of my future career and I will apply everything I have learned.
Tedra post
Since taking this class, I have a better insight into why we act the way we act around others and in different environments. I can see myself working in a career related to social psychology. I love kids and there are so many out there that have lived horrible lives. I think this degree could help me help them and understand them better. This could also help in management allowing me to understand my employees better and implement systems that take these issues into account. This class has opened my eyes to so many different things that I’m not exactly sure what path I want to take.
Discuss the value of studying the arts. Consider the following questions:

  • What can it teach us about the past? The present? The future?
  • How has art influenced society? How has society influenced art?
  • How does an awareness of all of this impact your own life?

In response to Safiyyah post below, compare your observations with your own–are there any connections between the way you and your classmates interpret the relevance of art? If your interpretation about the relevance of art differs significantly from one of your classmates’ observations, how do you account for this variance? What can you learn from this?
Safiyyah post
There is a lot of value in studying the arts. Through images, art allows us to learn about what happened in the past, connect it with the present and take that knowledge with us to improve the present and come up with solutions for the future. Art also helps bring people from different cultures, religions and countries together and ignites communication, education and social change. By learning the arts, we learn how to better express and understand ourselves, communicate with others, learn to think from many perspectives and understand the world and people around us.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Briefly describe (not define) the six models of a capital budgeting decision, which are typically defined as a ‘go or no-go’ decision. These are –
1.    Payback period (standard)
2.    Discounted payback period (modified from payback period)
3.    Net present value (NPV) (standard)
4.    Internal rate of return (IRR) (standard)
5.    Modified internal rate of return (MIRR) (modified from IRR)
6.    Profitability index (PI) (modified from NPV)
In reviewing these, which one(s) is appropriate for small projects and which one(s) is appropriate for larger projects?
Which criteria and techniques do you consider the most useful? Please explain


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