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XTO Energy is eager to deliver a beneficial proposal to its parent company, ExxonMobil, with their request to adopt specific measures that have been successful for the subsidiary in the past. ExxonMobil is aware of the ever-changing needs of the environment with regards to its traditional methods of creating fuel. This proposal is designed to describe the suggested benefits, collaboration potential, as well as specific details of the process, timeline, and budget.
Prospective Outcome of Collaboration
The benefits that can arise from this proposal for ExxonMobil to adopt XTO’s Energy’s sustainability measures are promising for both entities. With XTO Energy being a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, they already share some key characteristics in producing fuel that is widely used all over the world. ExxonMobil has been criticized for their inefficient petroleum extraction processes which lead to significant methane emission. XTO Energy is an industry leader in emissions reductions and cleaner natural gas. The implementation of XTO Energy’s programs onto ExxonMobil’s sustainability agenda could increase ExxonMobil’s market share in the clean fuel industry here in the U.S. while strengthening both XTO Energy and ExxonMobil in the U.S. market. ExxonMobil is also a leader in the international market for fuel, but the world is increasingly demanding the reduction of harmful byproducts into the environment. XTO Energy’s programs could help mitigate those issues in their parent company’s traditional methods. By forming this agreement, both companies could potentially improve company reputations while also aiding in the fight for a cleaner planet and a sustainable future.
The Benefits of Adopting XTO’s Programs 
In the propositions made by XTO Energy they put forth innovative ways in making natural gas and oil of utmost benefit to our everyday lives. This is because XTO Energy strives to significantly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and methane gas while providing the energy required for generated longterm power. By doing so, these innovative changes have brought upon various growth the unconventional use of gas and oil, which in turn dramatically aid in economic development. As improving new and lower energy costs by fortifying manufacturing and increasing the industry of an efficient frowned upon fossil fuels. This has provided the required energy which is in demand and has allowed XTO Energy to shift towards an efficient use of fuels especially in natural gas. All in part of an investment in technology to fulfill the demands and expand its competitive edge in the global energy demand. Furthermore, the use of natural gas has been proven to be reliable and become a source of power for which exponentially has been adapted to be preferred over other conventional uses of fossil fuels. As a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, XTO Energy has made it its goal to push forth a focus on the environments’ safety as it scouts natural gas locations. While doing so, aiding electricity and thus providing for lowered gas emissions in our atmosphere. XTO Energys’ usage of natural gas has made it possible to implement its new technologies and improve a reduction in carbon footprint and reduction of pipelines that are operated.
How it Works 
In order to successfully implement the programs from XTO Energy onto ExxonMobil’s current policies and methods, the following components – Regulatory, Structural, and Research – need to be adopted by ExxonMobil:

  • Regulatory

Reporting Emissions

  • Calculate methane emission using EPA emission factors and XTO’s equipment inventory

Regulatory Requirements

  • Minimize flared volumes by maximizing gas capture via pipeline and planned development

Beyond Regulations 

  • Incorporate successful program models that prioritizes actions at production and midstream sites and includes efforts to develop and deploy new, more efficient technologies to detect and reduce facility emissions


  • Structural

High Bleed Pneumatic Phase-Out

  • Install phase out high-bleed pneumatic devices from XTO Energy’s previous blueprints
  • Institute extensive personnel training, extending research and implementing facility design improvements to new operations

Leak Detection and Repair

  • Implement an enhanced leak detection and repair program that replicates XTO’s largest volume sites and greatest opportunities for methane emission reductions

Developing a Methane Training Program

  • Detection and timely repair (within 60 days) of leaking equipment using optical gas imaging cameras or portable analyzers
  • Replacement or retrofitting of high-bleed pneumatic controllers with lower emitting or zero-bleed controllers
  • Implementation of a best practice to minimize emissions by monitoring manual liquids unloading events

Improved Facility Designs

  • Methane reduction program includes a commitment to using low-emission technologies to improve the environmental performance of our operations
  • Expand use of vapor recovery units, supervisory control and data acquisition monitoring of operating systems and continued moving to centralized designs for our tank batteries and controls


  • Research

Research and Advancing Methane Emissions Technology

  • Develop state-of-the-art, low-cost, minimum-emissions equipment that could be used for future development (example: In 2017, XTO completed a pilot project in the Midland Basin that tested new low-emission designs using compressed air instead of natural gas to operate pneumatic equipment that helps regulate conditions such as level, flow, pressure and temperature).

Timetable for Project 


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