Advocacy Research Paper

Advocacy Research Paper
In this assignment, you will compose an argument about a current controversy of your choice while advocating for support of this topic.  Your argument must be supported by research. In this paper, you will make a claim and build an argument to support it, using a minimum of FIVE credible sources to demonstrate that you understand other perspectives concerning your topic and to support your own claim.
Create a clear thesis that summarizes the controversy and states your argument.
Frame and define your controversy.
Make sure the paragraphs have clear main ideas that are supporting your thesis.
Support your claims with evidence from credible research.
Demonstrate that you understand, through responsible research, points of view that are different than—even in opposition to—your own.
The final paper will be 6‐8 double-spaced pages
Arial font, 1” margins
Cite at least 5 different sources using MLA formatting conventions


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