amd 7th gen fx-9800p processor

What is AMD FX 9800P? – The AMD FX-9800P is a mobile mainstream SoC from the Bristol-Ridge APU series for notebooks (7th APU generation), which was announced mid 2016. The FX-9800P is the fastest Bristol Ridge APU with a 15-Watt TDP and the successor to the 15-Watt FX-8800P from the Carrizo generation.

Is AMD FX 9830P good for gaming? – Many games from 2015/2016 can be played smoothly at low settings. AMD specifies the TDP of the FX-9830P with 25-45 Watts, which is comparable to Intel quad-core processors from the H-series. This means the APU is a good choice for big and heavy notebooks with at least 15 inches.

What is AMD FX processor? – AMD FX was a series of high-end AMD microprocessors for personal computers which debuted in 2011, claimed as AMD’s first native 8-core desktop processor.

What is 7th gen AMD? – The 7th Generation AMD A-Series desktop processors consist of 65-watt and 35-watt versions, making it so they can fit in a variety of form factors. The previous generation consumed 95 watts. The processors have video playback features supporting up to 4K Ultra HD in both the popular H. 264 and new-and-improved H.

Is AMD FX better than Intel i7? – In terms of raw single-core performance the flagship AMD FX-8350 is lagging behind intel’s processor line-up by over two generations. The PassMark Single Thread scores for the i5-2500K vs the FX-8350 are 1863 to 1520 which shows that in terms of raw per-core processing the FX-8350 is lagging the two year old i5 by 23%.

How Good Are AMD FX processors? – On average, the FX-8350 was good for 70 fps with a 1% low of 47 fps. In comparison the Zen architecture represented by the 1800X with half the cores disabled, but a fairly substantial frequency boost, improved clock for clock performance by a whopping 60%, or 70% if we look at the 1% low results.

Why did AMD FX fail? – The big issue with FX processors was that they were extremely overpriced and overhyped—accomplishing tasks in a way that Intel processors had already been doing for three years or more, all while using double the power and costing twice as much.

How does AMD compare to Intel? – Here we can see that when it comes to AMD vs Intel HEDT CPUs, AMD holds the uncontested lead with 64 cores and 128 threads in its flagship Threadripper 3990X, and the 32- and 24-core Threadripper 3970X and 3960X models cement the overwhelming lead over Intel’s chips.

What is the difference between AMD and Ryzen? – A 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processor has more cores and much more threads, especially in the high-end and pro segment. This allows you to perform a lot of tasks at the same time, like video editing. An AMD Ryzen processor is generally more energy-efficient and affordable, except for in the pro segment.

How good is AMD A9 7th gen? – The AMD A9-9420 (7th Gen) is a lower-mid-range processor (CPU) for inexpensive notebooks. This dual-core CPU is faster than more common budget chips such as the Intel Celeron or AMD E2. But, it still lags behind the mainstream mid-tier processors such as the Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 series.

What is the difference between AMD FX and AMD Ryzen? – The first is that the CPUs are way more energy efficient (95W vs 220W) and there’s a better utilization of the cores. FX is a now 6 year old platform. And in PC years, that’s ancient. Ryzen is a brand new platform that’s been built from the ground up to capitalize off of FX’s failures.

What Gen is AMD FX? – Actual generation: 4.

How old is a AMD FX 6300? – AMD launched the FX-6300 in 2012 with six cores and six threads, a base clock speed of 3.5 GHz, and a boost frequency of up to 4.1 GHz.

What generation is AMD FX 8350? – › cpu-specs


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