American history homework help

Try to give names and dates when describing events.
1. In Chapter 2 of Stolen Black Labor, Yeshitela speaks about primitive accumulation of capitalism. What is the primitive accumulation he refers to in this chapter? Give a historical account of this process.
2. What were the causes in the failure of Reconstruction?
3. Who were the key figures in the Montgomery Boycott? What events led to the end of the Montgomery Boycott?
4. Who were some of the influences of the founders of the Black Panther Party for SelfDefense?
5. What were some of the differences in tactics and strategies of the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement? What were some of the differences in their objectives?
6. How did Kwame Ture (formerly Stokely Carmichael) contribute to both the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement?
7. When and why was the Black Panther Party formed? Who were the founders?
8. Explain the difference between institutional racism and individual racism. Why is institutional racism considered more detrimental than individual racism?
9. According to Malcolm X, in Message to the Grassroots, what are the differences between the house Negro and the Field Negro?


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