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In the interview and scholarly article, Professor Joseph Nye discusses the role and use of soft power and its impact on the global political scene in the post World War II era.
For this assignment, please write a discussion post which addresses all the questions below.  Your post must be at least 350 words.
1. In your own words how would you define soft power?
2. In this course, we have read about and watched clips on multiple conflicts and social movements.  Examine the role of soft power in any of those events we have covered in this course thus far. (Do not use the events discussed in Nye’s interview or article).
3. Describe how you see soft power being used in the United States today (there are dozens of contemporary examples, so, please, be creative!  Pull up any major news site, and i’m certain that you will see aspects of soft power in use).
Suggestions: Transition your ideas clearly from paragraph to paragraph and sentence to sentence.  In other words, don’t just answer one question then jump to the next without providing a clear, logical transition.
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