Anatomy homework help

Intro: An article review from a health professional journal is required. It must be a case study. A case study pertains to information regarding an individual, their symptoms, their medical test results, and the diagnosis/treatment/prognosis/outcome. (The New England Journal of Medicine has a featured case study in each issue, as do many other peer-reviewed professional journals.)
For the assignment, include the information as outlined below:
Follow this link to the article:  “A Rapid Change in Pressure”. You will need to create a free account to read the full article.

  • a. Use the article to gather a minimum of 25 to 30 acceptable medical terms.
  • b. Part 1 of your paper will consist of a summary of the article. The summary must include an explanation of the pathophysiology of the case study diagnosis. One or two double-spaced, typed pages should be the maximum length.
  • c. Part 2 of your paper will consist of a list of the medical terms or abbreviations (25 to 30) used in the article and the definitions of those terms as used within the context of the article. Any medical abbreviations listed must have a definition as well as what the abbreviations stand for.


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