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Answer the following with full paragraph responses.  You should support your answers with citations from the book.  If you quote from The Life of Lazarillo, give the page number in parentheses.  If you quote from any other book, footnote it in the following style.  Your responses should add up to no less than 1000 words and must be typewritten
1. During the Renaissance two brand-new types of fictional literature were developed, the pastoral romance and the picaresque novel.  The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes, is an example of the second.  What exactly is a “picaro”?  Does this literary form lend itself well to social criticism?  Why or why not?
2. After leaving his family home, Lazarillo found work with a blind beggar, followed by a miserly clergyman, an impoverished squire, a friar, an indulgence seller, and a chaplain (with brief periods under a tambourine-painter and a constable).  He eventually makes good through a lucrative, if pointless, government job.  What does this suggest about the Spanish economy?
3. What does the Squire do?  Why is he in Toledo and why does he go hungry (the same reason)?
4. Briefly characterize at least two of the clergymen that appear in The Life of Lazrillo.


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