Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help. Project details: You are a member of a task force that has been asked to recommend a plan for infectious disease control, based on relevant health policies and regulations. Your task force is expected to create a policy brief highlighting at least one major policy intervention (ideally, two or three) which is/are within the authority of your assigned organization – the recommendations should be quickly actionable – to promptly be put into effect once Measles infection and associated disease is found in the population whose health you are responsible for protecting.
Problem Definition Who is the target audience? How will you find them? What relevant information on Measles do these people need to know in regards to their jurisdiction: demographics, high risk groups, geographies?
Description of Proposed Health Policy What existing health policies in my jurisdiction may influence (positively or negatively) the spread of Measles? What similar policies exist in other jurisdictions that could be applied here to combat Measles?
Make the Case How do proposed or existing policies in other jurisdictions apply to your jurisdiction, particularly in regards to high risk groups? Display and describe relevant data using 1–2 figures or tables;
Discussion of Intended / Desired Impacts
What measurements of success are being used in similar policies?
this link for Rubric

Applied Sciences homework help


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