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Research Question(s)
Karen is a director of human resources at a mid-size company. Her team has been exploring causes of turnover for new employees—employees that start with the company but leave within a year. Some of the research questions she and her team have developed include:
What training and advancement opportunities might encourage employees to commit to long-term growth within the company?
What benefits are new employees seeking in career-based employment?
For this Discussion, you will generate your own research questions, based on the dataset you chose in Week 1. You will create three different types of research questions (i.e., one descriptive question, one relational question, and one comparative question). Then, select an appropriate research design for each question.
To Prepare:
Review this week’s Learning Resources, particularly the Study Notes, Research Question Types Quiz Worksheet, and Research Questions Types Quiz (interactive media program).
Complete the Research Question Types Quiz Worksheet. Then, take the Research Questions Types Quiz interactive media program, referring to the Worksheet as you complete the Quiz. (Note: As you take the Quiz, you will learn the correct answer to each quiz question. Update your Worksheet to reflect the correct answers, as needed, since you will need this information in order to complete the Week 4, Discussion 1).
By Day 4
Post one of your three different types of research questions (i.e., descriptive question, relational question, or comparative question) based on the dataset you selected in Week 1. Then, post an appropriate research design for the question you post. Explain how the research question might promote positive social change.


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