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Explain the role and impact of health information technology and its impact on healthcare systems and key stakeholders.
ScenarioPatient Centric Integrated Health System is in the process of updating their new hire orientation program.  Feedback from employees revealed inadequate training on the role and impact of Health Information Technology in healthcare and their organization. In addition, orientation assessments demonstrated a lack of understanding about key stakeholders, their roles, and significance of system integration with interoperability. As a member of the Health System’s HIT Innovation Steering Committee, you are to develop a presentation for use in future orientation sessions. Use information from the readings, lectures and your own research to support your presentation content. The first step is to develop the presentation for approval by the Steering Committee.
InstructionsCompile a PowerPoint presentation using speaker notes and/or voice narration that includes:Detailed explanation of roles and significance of HIT in healthcare and for organizationsDescription of major components of an integrated HIT systemDiscussion of relevant stakeholders and their role in HITComparison of the rewards and challenges of integration and interoperabilityReference page of resources utilized


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