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I do not have the book for you. But I want you to pick two famous artwork from the Caribbean and answer the questions below. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
Chapter 9 in our text addresses the intersection of art and power. After reading this section, take a moment look online for two pieces NOT utilized in the book and address the following (you will not be able to answer every question below for your two pieces, only those that apply):
What is the subject of the work? What power is being confronted or represented? Does it reflect a moment in a battle or is it a protest against a battle or a war? Does it reflect a ruler (king, president, etc.) or a type of nationalism?
What are the names and media of each piece?
Who is the artist and when did they live?
Where was each piece shown and when?
What is your opinion as to the quality of each piece? Did the artist do what they intended with the piece?
Dialog with at least two peers. Remember to cite sources for any analysis that is not your own


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