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Collaborated with subject Matter Experts to analyzespecifications and participated in the Design Team and user requirement gathering meetings.
● Designed effective self-serving Tableau reports utilizing Tooltip Visualizations, Dashboard Actions, Cross Database joins, and Role Level security
● Created Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures to as data sources for dashboards to optimize Tableau performance.
● Developed interactive data visualizations and developed automated processes for updating content used in standardized dashboards.
● Scheduled reports using Tableau server, publishing data to Tableau server, embedding data in Tableau workbook to automate Tableau reports
● Created customized Tableau charts such as Pareto, waterfall, Donut, Sankey, and Sunburst to address business questions
● Created External filter, internal filter and Context filter to improve performance.
● Efficiently combined data from multiple sources using Data Blending and Cross Database
● Demo dashboards, trained users, and created user manual/instructions and design document.


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