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Need Initial Post and two replies.
This assignment is worth 20 points.
The reflective discussion board is a writing activity to help you understand more about compare/contrast, develop your writing skills, and engage with your classmates.

Main Post

For the main post, you will be writing about yourself “then” vs. “now.”
Write a grabby subject line for your post.
Choose an age when you were younger like when you were 10 or 12.

For the first section, focus on “then.”

Start with an opening sentence like this:  When I was 10 years old, I ______________________.  Fill in this statement with an overall impression about yourself then.
Then, reflect back on your life then.
Consider things like the following:

  • What was your family like?
  • What was an average day like for you?
  • Who were your best friends?
  • What were your favorite things to do?
  • What were your favorite products (toys, food, clothes, etc. . .)?
  • What were your favorite TV shows, movies, games, or sports teams?
  • Who did you look up to at this time?  Who were your role models either real life, pop culture, or fictional?
  • What were your favorite books and why?
  • What did you dream of becoming when you were older?

To close, reflect on who you were then.

For the next section, focus on “now.”

Start with an opening sentence like this:  Now, I am ____ years old, and I ___________________________.  Fill in this statement with an overall impression about yourself now.
Look at the items above and reflect on them to show what has changed or stayed the same since you were younger.
To close, reflect on who you are now.


Your main post should be at least 350 words or more.
Write your word count several returns after your last sentence and put it over the minimum.  Ex:  425/350
Edit your post for grammar and spelling.
Italics TV shows, movies, and game titles.
If you need to make changes, then simply click on your post and select “Edit thread.”

Replies to Classmates

Read your classmates’ posts and select 2 to reply to.
Write at least 75 words or more.
Remember to avoid simply saying “Great job!” or “I really liked what you posted.”  Show your classmate you have really read his or her post by being specific.  You can also quote from your classmate’s post when you reply.
Ex:  I could relate when you said you played with Star Wars figures, and your favorite was Yoda.  I was known for imitating Yoda when I was at my middle school.  I thought Yoda was “so cool” too.
Make your replies distinct from each other; in other words, avoid saying the same thing to both classmates.
Put your word count over the minimum several returns after your last sentence.  Ex:  88/75
Edit your replies for spelling and grammar.
Good luck on this writing assignment!
I hope you gain new insights into yourself and your classmates while putting compare/contrast into practice in a personal way.


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