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  1. How do facets of sexual identity—and in particular this week, sexual orientation, kink, and “relational” orientation (poly, monogamous, etc.)—intersect with other identities?


  1. How might a poor person of color experience their sexual orientation differently than a middle class white person? How might a person with a developmental or physical disability experience their kinky desires differently from a person without those disabilities?


  1. How do you think of sexual orientation? Do you think it is composed of distinct categories, or is it more of a spectrum? Use the readings to support your ideas.

Was anything on the straight privilege checklist surprising or new to you?

  1. Do you think there are ethical and safe ways to engage in behaviors such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, and BDSM? How is the concept of consent important in defining safer spaces for these behaviors?


  1. What piece did you read on Justin Lehmiller’s blog? What thoughts do you have?


  1. What measures could be taken to mitigate the impact of pedophilia and to support would-be perpetrators? Reference the Malone piece in your response.

Write a minimum 500 words discussion post. Be sure to address the class materials in your assignment. You need to make at least 3 direct references (with appropriate in-text citations) to the text or readings. Bring the information into your discussion to show understanding. Do not just make a passing reference with no discussion.
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