Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help. The group topic is: “Dogs in the work place”
This is the innovation topic at which your reaseach will be based on.
1.Introduction and description of problem

  • What “problem” is the breakthrough addressing? Why is it needed at this time?
  • In the introduction, include a concise paragraph that identifies and describes which unit at your organization would make use of the innovation.
  1. Description of the breakthrough
  • Why is it a breakthrough? How is it new?
  • What are the criticisms/drawbacks of the breakthrough?
  1. Three benefits of the breakthrough and what is needed to enact it
  • Benefits generally (eg. It helps fight global warming) and to your organization (saving money, creating revenue)
  • What is needed to enact the breakthrough in your organization? Be specific: staffing, funding, infrastructure…
  1. Three challenges and solutions and conclusion
  • What are the difficulties involved in enacting the innovation into your organization? What are solutions to these problems? Choose the real issues—not just ones that are easy to solve. Make sure you are focusing on the specific issues of your unit at the local level.
  • In a brief conclusion, summarize the findings.
  • Include any appendices, references list, and other documentation.

Note: each member of the group is responsible for creating one image to be used in the report.

Article writing homework help


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