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Reading Journals (10% or 100 points total / 8) Each week for weeks 2-9, you will complete and submit a reading journal that summarizes the main points from the week’s reading and discusses ideas you developed based on the readings. The length and style are at your discretion. I cannot imagine that you would be able to adequately summarize and reflect on the week’s readings in less than two pages, but you might. It will be most helpful to you if you complete these weekly.
There are three grade possibilities for these assignments:
12.5 = You submitted something and it met expectations by engaging all the readings;
9 = You submitted something and it did not meet expectations;
0 = You did not submit anything. This is almost a simple “check” assignment.
The “9” grade is for those submissions that show you have not done (all) the reading or not done it thoroughly.
These assignments are mainly for you to a) keep you on track and b) give you a record of your ideas about the readings.
Length: 2+ pages Style: Informal, Formal, Academic, Whatever Works For You Citation: Mention the authors, use quotations marks, and, if it’s helpful for you, refer to pages.


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