Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

Short Story Analysis
Choose a short story from ( ) and write a 4-5 page analysis of your subject.  Your thesis should put forward an arguable interpretation and/or evaluation of the text’s impact or significance based on a close reading of the short story.
. Now we will turn our analysis skills to a creative fictional story. Rather than talking about premises, conclusions, and so on, you can discuss some of the following elements:

  • Rhetorical devices used by the writer
  • Figures of speech used by the writer
  • Tone and mood of the piece
  • Structure of the story
  • Symbols and imagery used by the writer
  • How ambiguity is purposely used by the writer

Your essay should:

  • Have a compelling, original title.
  • Put forward a thesis that asserts an arguable claim about the text you have chosen.
  • Support your thesis with well-developed and clearly organized paragraphs that develop specific evidence from your primary text and secondary sources using a balance of clearly attributed and properly documented summary, paraphrase, and short quotation. (See literary analysis structure tips on the next page.)
  • Include your primary source (the story) and at least two additional secondary sources from databases that support your observations and analysis of the text, such as a scholarly article on your selected subject, author, or related topic (3 sources total).
  • Be at least 4 pages in length, submitted in MLA format with in-text citations and a separate Works Cited page.

This type of paper is considered a literary analysis.
Here are some sample thesis statements that could work for an assignment like this.

  • The “The Cask of Amontillado” finds its significance in exploring the Montresor’s psychological issues and ambiguous story-telling.
  • In “The Birth-Mark,” the psyche of Georgiana changes throughout the story, showcasing the decline of her mental health. This piece of literature shows how love alters one’s perspective, changing completely the way that someone sees themselves.
  • The plight of women is creatively expressed in “The Story of an Hour” through imagery and figures of speech.

Literary Analysis Tips
Literary analysis just means that you are analyzing literature. You should still follow essay structure: 1) intro that ends in a thesis, 2) focused body paragraphs, and 3) a conclusion. But there are a few unique conventions of the literary analysis that may be helpful for you to review.
Introduction (1 paragraph):
Your intro needs to hook the reader, just like a normal paper would. Since this is a literary paper, though, you also want the intro to provide relevant background information. After the hook, your intro should include the author’s name, the title of the story, and a 1-2 sentence summary of the story that names any main characters you plan to talk about. After that, you want to end your intro with the thesis.
To review, your intro should include:
·  Hook, such as a startling piece of information, a meaningful quote, a vivid description, or a metaphor
·  Author’s name
·  Title: Short stories appear in quote marks, such as “A Pair of Tickets,” and books appear in italics, such as Heart of Darkness. All major words should be capitalized.
·  Short summary of the story which names the 1-2 main characters. 1-2 sentences max; don’t go wild.
·  Thesis: 1-2 sentences stating your overall argument.
Body Paragraphs (1 or more paragraphs):
Your body paragraphs will provide evidence of your thesis. In literary analysis, however, your main evidence is the text itself. So your “evidence” will be quotes from the stories or a paraphrase of dialogue or action.
A body paragraph will include:
·  Topic Sentence: The first sentence will state the paragraph’s main point (it should support your thesis).
·  Context of the Quote/Paraphrase: You are about to use something from the text as evidence, so make sure you properly introduce it. Tell the reader who is speaking (if it’s a quote) and what is happening in the story at the moment you are going to talk about.
·  Quote or Paraphrase: If using a quote, introduce with a signal phrase. Make sure to use MLA in-text citations for quotes and paraphrase.
·  Commentary: Your interpretation of the quote/paraphrase and how it connects to your topic sentence.
·  Clincher: The last sentence of a body paragraph in a literary analysis often tries to tie everything together and connect it back to the thesis.
You do not have to follow this exact format every single time, but it can be a helpful guide.
Conclusion (1 paragraph):
·  Restate your thesis in new words
·  Discuss the greater significance of your argument

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