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Article writing homework help. Final Core Paper
A reflective essay with Anzaldúa or Satrapi & other Core friends 
Due on Canvas on Monday, March 16th by 11:59pm
Your assignment is to reflect on your second quarter of Core as it relates to your life and your world.  Use close analysis of Core texts (at least one of them will be Anzaldúa or Satrapi) to help you understand and document what you’ve learned about yourself, your history, your communities, and the roles you play.  Include memories and dialogue to help with specificity.  This is not a thesis-driven paper, so while analytic engagement with the text is key, you don’t need to support an overall argument. We are expecting 4-5 pages of writing (please do not do any weird spacing).
*Please include a works cited page in MLA at the end of your paper!
*Please leave some instructor comments in the notes section of your submission (we will be leaving your overall comments as well)!
Mention meaningfully at least:

  • At least 4 primary texts (Marx, Thoreau, Plato, King, Sor Juana, Woolf, Malcolm X, Anzaldúa, Satrapi, or Frankl)
  • At least 1 auxiliary source (lectures from Kehler, or Camblin; the film 13th; “The Hamlet Fire,” Harris-Perry, McIntosh, any other articles in the Reader)
  • 2 items from your annotations or homework assignments (item = an excerpt of ideas) or ideas expressed in your previous papers
  • 1 memorable or interesting moment in class (from the large and small group discussions, fishbowl discussions, Malcolm X Identity activity, Little Women lesson, debate on the knoll, group presentations, videos, or other activities and conversations)
  • 1 conversation or experience outside of class

Yourself: to know yourself better in the present, and to provide a reference point for yourself in the future.  Us, as your instructors.  Anyone with whom you’d like to share this work (friend, parent, partner).

  1. My Borderlands. In what way or ways do you live in your own “borderlands/la frontera”?  This could be culturally, economically, linguistically, politically, religiously, sexually, gender-wise, or otherwise. Using Anzaldúa’s approach, incorporate research, myth, imagery, poetry, and memoir to articulate and explore the productive and valuable place of “both and somewhere in between.” What are the gifts of the borderlands? What insights have you developed about life in the borderlands? How do you move forward, knowing what you know?


  1. Creating My Identity. How are you shaping your identity, and how has it been previously shaped by society?  Explore the development of your identity in connection with your political awareness and social alignments (e.g. your behavior, appearance, style of dress, or name; identifying with particular groups). Tell your story, borrowing from Satrapi’s mix of childhood and adolescent memoir, pathos, humor, minimalism, and/or the incorporation of a visual art element. What insights have you developed through your Core experience about who you are and what matters to you? How do you move forward, knowing what you know?


  1. The Myths of My Tribe.  Anzaldúa proclaims that she no longer believes all the myths of the tribe into which she was born.  What changes in perspective about the “myths of your tribe” have arisen in you over the course of the quarter?  Any subtle (or shattering!) realizations about your history, community, or nation? How are you seeing yourself as a citizen or resident? How do you move forward, knowing what you know?


Instructor’s Evaluation Eval
Piece is loaded with textual reference  (several relevant quotes from all required sources) and makes sophisticated philosophical use of it.  Ideas are true and accurate to the authors represented.  Has an original and specific point of view that is well supported and clearly conveyed.  Shows clarity of thinking and depth of engagement.  Overall, the piece is engaging and polished.   Includes works cited page. Excellent
Piece has minimum textual reference (uses all required sources) and makes interesting, relevant use of it.  Ideas are true and accurate to the authors represented.  Has a point of view.  Overall, the piece is engaging and somewhat polished.   Includes works cited page. Good
Piece has some textual references that are mostly relevant and fruitful. Has some sense of point of view.  Ideas are mostly accurate to the authors represented. Piece may be engaging, but may need further clarity and depth to be more successful. Might be somewhat short. Satisfactory
Piece may need more relevant textual reference and may need a stronger sense of point of view.  There may be inaccuracies.  May need much more depth, clarity, and cohesion.  Might be much shorter than expected. NP
Instructor’s Overall Comments to Student


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