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English Literature

Instructions for Questions ONE & TWO  Strict GUIDLINES
Compose a multi-paragraph essay that has an average length of seven (7) typed, double-spaced pages, plus the works cited page(s);
1. provide a clear and precise thesis that addresses and answers the question;
2. use facts from the works selected to support your argument;
3. utilize standard English in the essay;
4.employ essay structure and essay map  in composing essay;
5.use the MLA formatting where necessary;
6.demonstrate familiarity with the context of the works selected; and
7. provide adequate details and explanation of ideas to support your argument.
Question ONE
 The Victorian world was fenced on all sides by strong barriers of the patriarchal system. Use the likes of the works of Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stevenson, Emily Bronte, Willian Morris and John Stuart Mill, all  Victorian authors to discuss this assertion. How this social and cultural system (patriarchal society) impacted their creativity
Question TWO – follow steps 1-7
In FIVE (5) pages plus a works cites page;
Discuss how the title of Dickens’ Hard Times reflects the content of the novel.


Article writing homework help


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