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Documented Reports (DRs) are three-page reports students write to discuss research critically, practice one or more research writing skills, and explore possible subjects for a final research paper.  For this assignment:

Choose logos if your argument will require a presentation or summary of facts and an objective, reasonable tone.

  • Use third person address or even passive voice
  • Select objective and neutral diction to present the facts
  • Try to use a “reasonable sounding” three-part series

Choose pathos if you want the reflective to appeal through or to share emotion commonly held beliefs.

  • Use inclusive address: “we” and “our”
  • Select fair but subjective diction
  • Try to use a “highly invested” four-or-more-part series

Choose ethos is you have a personal investment in the subject and wish to express a tone of assuredness and authority.

  • Use first person address: “I”; “my”
  • Use a mixture of objective and subject diction to both commitment and reasonability
  • Try to use “authoritative, didactic-sounding” two-part serials

For this journal entry, address each of the following prompts:

  • Submit a draft of the conclusion for DR3. Try to reiterate the problematic solution or thesis the articles in DR3 share. Expand on this problem with a reflection of your own using an appeal of logos, pathos or ethos.
  • In a separate paragraph, explain why you feel the appeal you chose (logos, pathos, or ethos) was more effective than the others.

Plan on reading the set of articles more than once for 1) comprehension and enjoyment; 2) comparison/contrast of topics; and 3) critical observation of this module’s central research skill: textual referencing. Remember that, while it may be easier to skim the articles or only read them once, reading these articles several times for the purposes outlined above will deepen your understanding of the content and, ultimately, benefit you later in the course.
Read each of the following:

Evaluate these non-fiction articles as you read them.  If the link opens to the Academic Search Complete database, click on the HTML Full Text or PDF icon in the upper left-hand corner for the most accurate copy of the article.


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