• The purpose of this assignment is to develop an Instagram post that will raise awareness and shift public perception about a particular issue related to Business & Society.
  • This assignment is an opportunity for you to conduct research about a particular issue and its effect on different stakeholder communities and organizations. This assignment is also an opportunity to engage with a target audience that might be interested in, yet under-informed about, this particular issue.
  • This assignment fulfills the following learning objectives:
  • Conduct research to gather and evaluate evidence about a particular issue
  • Identify a target audience (including their potential areas of knowledge, curiosity, skepticism, defensiveness, opposition, and resistance)
  • Develop strategies for persuading your target audience to shift their perspective and take action
  • Deepen skills related to perspective taking, social influence, and strategic communication
    1. To apply course knowledge and blend multiple ideas in a creative manner.
    2. To learn to professionally express and explain ideas.
  • Specific Instructions
    • Choose an issue that is relevant to the class
    • Conduct background research to learn more about this issue, including relevant research as well as common perspectives and prevailing misconceptions that people tend to hold. Locate a minimum of 5 sources that will help you understand your topic, clearly explain your issue, and provide supporting evidence (e.g., statistics, quotes, organizational examples, current events, anecdotes/testimonials, infographics, photographs, cartoons, memes, etc.). Note: A fun way to check the bias of some of your sources:
    • Develop an Instagram post (3-5 images + caption) that includes the following elements:
  1. An opening statement where you identify yourself and address your target audience
  2. Problem statement that clearly states/explains the core issue, key perspectives, common misconceptions, etc.
  3. Examples of the issue from current events and/or organizational case studies
  4. Call to action that provides concrete solutions or action items for audience members
  • 3-5 images: The final images for the project can take any artistic form you’d like. The following are common forms for the assignment: paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages, and images either taken from the internet (be careful which images you take) and digital images you create.

EXAMPLE: Fast Fashion


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