Biology homework help

Participate in an experience from the options listed below.
Write 2-page paper, double-spaced, about your experience. How does it relate to this class? What did you learn? How did it make you feel?
Include proof (tickets, photos, paperwork, screenshot, etc.)
1. Watch a sex documentary not shown for class
2. Draw and label the male and female reproductive tracts and genitalia(no written essay needed, just drawings, but they need to be textbook-worthy, not a doodle)
3. Listen to The Birth Hour podcast
4. Follow stopcensoringmotherhood on Instagram
5. Follow thebadassbreastfeeder and/or normalizeandcelebrate on Instagram
6. Complete Safe Zone Ally training
7. Watch a movie with an LGBT+ storyline
8. Visit a sex shop
9. Visit the Women’s Resource Center
10. Attend the Vagina Monologues (February)
11. Attend an art exhibition with a sexuality theme
12. Attend a seminar on sexuality
13. Talk to a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle about sex.
14. Attend the Women’s March (January)
15. Participate in Women’s Day (March)
16. Attend a Counseling Services Wellbeing Workshop: COMMUNICATION/RELATIONSHIPS
17. Participate in The Body Project
18. Attend a V-Team meeting
19. Participate in Denim Day or Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (April)
20. Read Twitter hashtag #MeToo
21. Talk to a CPP Wellness Center Health Educator, Peer Health Educator, or physician about sexual health
22. Get tested for HIV
23. Get tested for STIs as recommended by health professional
24. Read Twitter hashtag #YouKnowMe
25. Attend a drag show


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