Biology homework help

Biology homework help.

Interview With a Public Health Professional


This is a two-part assignment:

  1. In Part One, you will interview a practicing public health professional using an Appreciative Inquiry approach to gain a better understanding of past and present challenges and opportunities in the field of public health.
  2. In Part Two, you will create a 2–3 page interview summary, including ideas that might have arisen as a result of the interview.

Before meeting with your interviewee, review the Guiding Questions (linked in Resources) to ensure that your interview will address all of the assignment criteria. Consider reviewing other linked Resources, such as the Public Health Timeline, as well.

Part One: Interview

Use the interview questions linked in Resources to discover what inspired your interviewee to enter the field of public health, what keeps him or her up at night, and his or her hopes and dreams for the profession.

Appreciative Interviewing

The following exemplifies the use of an interview technique drawn from the organizational development practice known as Appreciative Inquiry (Stratton-Berkessel, 2010).

  • Define: choose a positive perspective to focus your inquiry.
  • Discover: ask about extremely positive personal experiences. Encourage the interviewee to share a high point from his or her professional life.
  • Dream: find out what motivates your interviewee. What does he or she hope to contribute to the field of public health?

You will summarize the highlights of this person’s story and the impressions and ideas you gain from the interview.

Part Two: Interview Summary

In 2–3 pages, summarize what you learned and any insights that you gained as a result of the interview:

  • Use the Stages of Writing process before completing your summary, referring to the Campus link in Resources.
  • Include quotes or paraphrases from your interview notes, making sure to use proper APA form and style in your citations. Take advantage of the linked APA Resources as needed.
  • Make it real: include your personal reflections about what you learned from this person. Discuss how the interview affirmed or challenged some of your assumptions about public health as well as any new ideas that come to mind.

Additional Requirements

  • Page count: 2–3 pages plus cover and reference pages.
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 points.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current edition APA style and formatting.
  • Number of references: Remember to cite all references. Include at least three peer-reviewed sources.

Submit this document as an attachment to this assignment.


Stratton-Berkessel, R. (n.d.). Appreciative inquiry – Overview of method, principles and applications. Retrieved from


Biology homework help


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