Biology homework help

For this final, you are given three sets of questionnaires. For each of them, you are given a figure and a set of KEYWORDS related to the figure. They pertain to biological systems discussed in the class.
Your task is to compose, in your own words, a paragraph aptly describing the figure, USING the KEYWORDS.
You may use any resources available such as books or internet, but you cannot simply copy what you find from other’s work. You must provide sentence(s) of your own composition. It would mean that more than coincidental similarity between your work and those of others will not be permitted.
There is no limit on the number of words. Your work will be graded based on the following criteria:
Are all the KEYWORDS used in correct and coherent manner?
Are the features of the figure accurately and comprehensibly described?
Does the paragraph exhibit reasonable level of understanding of the depicted biological system?
Is the paragraph free from scientific and grammatical error?
Is the work free from reasonable suspicion of plagiarism?
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