>Biology homework help

1. Why is carbon the molecular basis of most living things? (what special properties does carbon have that would allow it the dynamic flexibility and stability required for life?)
2. What are the specials quality of waters (name and explain at least 3)?
3. Identify and Describe one of the four macromolecules!
1.Explain the concept of fluid mosaic (as it pertains to our cellular membrane). What does this concept have to do with cell transport? Where does tonicity (concentration gradients, diffusion, osmoregulation) play a roll in cell transport?
2. How do you think all of this will become more relevant as we investigate the human body?
To test your ability to identify features of a scientific study I would like you to create a basic study regarding the observation:
The spider climbed up the water spout when it started to rain the spider fell down the spout.
Create/Identify the Following
Hypothesis (remember your hypothesis should imply your independent variable and dependent variable):
Independent Variable (based on your hypothesis):
Dependent variable (based on your hypothesis):
Based on the IV and DV create an experiment:
In your experiment identify your experimental group:
In your experiment identify your control group:
In your experiment identify how you will include replication:
In your experiment identify how you will control for bias


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