Biology (Microorganisms & Diseases)

In this discussion board, you will  list a disease/illness and the microorganism that causes it.
The microorganism may be a bacteria, virus, parasite, protozoan (amoebas, algae, waterborne illness), invertebrate (worms, flies, ticks), etc.  Requirements:

  1. List the disease and/or illness


  1. List what it is caused by (specific scientific and common names of the organism – viruses will be more difficult to determine the actual name). Scientific names must be written correctly using the rules of binomial nomenclature.


  1. Explain the disease/illness


  1. What are the symptoms


  1. How is it contracted


  1. Is there a treatment and/or cure


  1. Be sure the disease/illness you choose to write about is caused by a microorganism (bacteria, virus, protozoan, parasite, etc.). Do not write about genetic disorders or birth defects.


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