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A. Expectations for Your Final Presentation and Paper

A. Expectations for Your Final Presentation and Paper
Both your paper and presentation should cover the following items (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Basic theory and operation of the instrumentation:
    1. What types of analytes are measured using this instrumentation? What type of samples?  What form must the samples be in for measurement?
    2. What properties of the analytes does the instrumentation use to measure or ‘see’ them?  Explain the theory underlying how the instrument works.
    3. What are the basic components of the instrument?  What is the purpose of each of these components?  How do they work?
  2. Applications of the instrumental technique.
    1. Give examples of major types of analyses that use this technique.  Describe a minimum of two specific examples/studies.
    2. What types of samples are analyzed?  What are the objectives and analytes for these analyses?
    3. How does the instrumentation help them achieve these analytical objectives?
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of this technique:
    1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this particular technique compare to similar instrumentation?
    2. Consider resolution and/or sensitivity, analysis time, cost, and any other issues that might be specific to your instrument.

You also need to cite all your sources of information appropriately in both your research presentation and your paper using either APA or MLA citation styles (supported by the library ‘NoodleTools’ software you will be introduced to this semester).
For your presentation: 

  • For each source of information you use , you should provide the reference information with a brief description of what information in your presentation came from this source (for example: “Graphic of instrument components” or “Background information on advantages and disadvantages of instrument technique”).  This should be a word or pdf file that is submitted as an attachment to your presentation post in the ‘Present your Instrumentation Research Project’

For your paper:

  • This includes using an appropriate in-text citation style to indicate your source for any information that is not considered common knowledge.   You also must include an appropriately referenced bibliography at the end of the paper.

Please remember that all information presented should be in your own words!  Direct quotations are strongly discouraged in scientific research papers.


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