Civil homework help

Civil homework help.  

Part 2 is made up of a single essay style question worth up to 5 points. Part 2 is untimed but must be submitted before the deadline in order to be graded. Respond to the question below and upload your final document as a PDF.
To earn full points, you must present your answers in a clear and concise manner.  Please write in complete sentences and use proper grammar and correct spelling.  Mistakes may be cause for point reduction. You must use and cite appropriate course readings (in APA style). Students are not allowed to use direct quotes and should use formal writing. Responses that include direct quotes will lose at least 50% of the points. Further, students should not use resources from outside the course or friends/classmates to answer the questions. You must include a references page (written in APA style) that includes all of the resources cited in your responses to the questions.
Essay Prompt: In your own words, explain broadly the interview dynamic (i.e., the relationship between the child, interviewer, and target experience and how each generally impacts the outcome of the interview). Next, focus specifically on the impact a child’s abilities and limitations has on the dynamic. To earn full points, tie in the developmental literature (e.g., developing ability to communicate; memory and suggestibility) to support your response.  Note: Because you are discussing a dynamic system you might find it helpful to specifically present how the child impacts the other elements.
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Civil homework help


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