Classism Assignment

Week 6 – Classism Assignment
Choose a topic below and discuss how class played a role in the conflict.

  • Communist Revolution (1900-1925)
  • Cuban Revolution (1953-1959)
  • Struggle of the Orders Plebeians vs Patricians – Ancient Rome (500 BCE – 200 BCE)
  • Spartacus Rebellion (73 – 71 BCE)
  • Ciompi Rebellion – Florence, Italy (1378 – 1382)
  • The Peasant’s Revolt – England (1381)
  • Jacquerie – France – (1358)
  • French Revolution (1789-1814)
  • English Civil War (1642-1651)
  • Hungarian Revolution (1956)
  • Any of your choosing with professor approval

Answer the following questions in numerical format (#1-6). 2-3 pages. MLA format. 12 Font Times New Roman only.
All work must be properly cited and unless otherwise noted; do not include pure opinion.

  • Outline the basic history of the event(s). You can use a timeline or write it out.
  • Write a brief description of what class(es) are involved in your chosen topic.
  • What factors besides class contributed to your conflict?
  • How did the cultures ideal, values, attitudes and beliefs change or return to tradition during and after the conflict?
  • How did the people involved in your conflict perceive class? Has that changed or stayed the same in that culture?
  • In what way did your class struggle influence modern American life and concepts of class?



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