compare and contrast daisy buchanan and myrtle wilson

In what ways are myrtle and Daisy similar and different quizlet? – Myrtle and Daisy are both Tom’s lovers, while Daisy is her wife and Myrtle is his mistress. Both are unpleasant with their marriage. Daisy is cousin of Nick while Myrtle isn’t. Daisy is described having bright eyes and bright mouth, while Myrtle has vitality.

What are the differences between Daisy and Myrtle Flowers? – Daisy flower petals represent an external appearance of purity and innocence, in contrast to the yellow center that shows how corrupt Daisy was by her materialism and desire for wealth. Myrtle, the other flower, is stark in comparison to the delicate beauty and ephemerality of the daisy.

How are George Wilson and Tom Buchanan similar? – In the Great Gatsby, Tom Buchanan and George Wilson are both bad men. They get cheated on by their wives, Daisy and Myrtle. Though people are placed in different economic classes or defined as “poor” or “rich” in the 1920’s, it doesn’t change the reaction or emotion of women/men in these difficult situations.

Why does Myrtle not like Wilson? – Myrtle Wilson does not love her husband, George Wilson. She says she cannot bear him and that he is “not fit to lick her shoe.” She resents his low social standing and his lack of financial resources.

What Color Is Myrtle’s hair? –

How is Myrtle like a Myrtle flower in The Great Gatsby? – Myrtle. The third and final use of flowers to represent a person is Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle is a vibrant star-shaped flower that ironically represents good luck in marriage. Myrtle’s relationship with Tom was not what drove a wedge between him and Daisy, but it certainly didn’t help.

What does Myrtle Wilson’s name symbolize? – Myrtle Wilson A simple name for a simple man. Fitzgerald used the name Wilson because it is a name a person with normal wealth would have. Compared to the pretentious name of Buchanan, Wilson is for a man who has to work for his American Dream.


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