Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. we will start the CARIT site with three static HTML pages and a CSS file. Create a dedicated folder for this project. This folder should contain all related files in this project. The future milestones are cumulative and built directly on top of your prior work.
Function/content requirements:
1. A home page named “index.html”, which include these contents at least:
· Description of the center. You may reference the example sites.
· Latest news: use list tags; make up some news items.
· Use <p>, <br />, and heading tags properly.
· Other contents you may wish to design: banner, front image, etc.
2. About us (faculty) page
· Present at least three faculty members with their information like image, positions, research interests, and contact information. Put a link on each name which links to his/her personal website. You may refer to faculty information here: or their websites here
3. A third page which you can decide what content to be put on. Use the reference sites as examples. For example: projects, resources, events, etc. You have to use the table tag at least once for some content.
4. For all three pages, display the following common contents:
· The name of the center (site title) in a big heading
· A logo with a link to “”
· A menu which consists of three text links, linking to three pages above respectively. Apply some hovering styles.
· These common contents should display the same in all pages.
Style requirements
1. All pages should have the same style and layout.
2. Create your own page style. Use a simple style, neat, clean; not too colorful and flashy.
3. Apply some nice styles to HTML elements like paragraphs, images, lists.
4. All links should have some color other than the default color.
5. The menu item links style should be different from other links. Create a hover effect for menu items so their styles change when the mouse cursor is on them.
6. Please do not use any third party style frameworks or packages.
File/code organization requirements
1. Use one style sheet file (.css) for all three pages. Use class selectors wisely.
2. Organize page content sections (header, content, footer, etc.) in a number of <div> tags. This should be consistent on all pages.
3. It’s recommended to put all image files in an “img” subdirectory.
4. You should not use any wizard to generate HTML/CSS, nor should you copy and paste the HTML from other source without cleaning it.
5. All pages should work on your hosted site.
Maintain a live working website for the project on      your hosted site. Submit the URL (directly put in the Comments textbox).

  1. A milestone report in PDF, including:
    • Proper cover page
    • Overview: brief summary of your work, including how requirements are satisfied.
    • The URL to your live project (milestone #1).
    • Web page screenshots with explanations. Take a       screenshot of each webpage displayed in the browser. Clearly label and describe all screenshots. All screens must be clear, original, and show the complete browser window (only the top part of the page if the page is too long). No graphic editing or cropping is allowed.
    • References (styles, images, etc.)
  2. Compress all source code files into a .zip file. Do not zip the report.

Computer Science homework help


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