Computer Science homework help

For this assignment, you will fix the code provided and explain why and how you fixed it using in-line comments.

  1. Open the Virtual Lab by clicking on the link in the Virtual Lab Access module. Then open your IDE. Using the Uploading Files to Eclipse tutorial, upload the folder and open the project in Eclipse. Open the Calculator.ccp file and use the Eclipse debugger to review the code. Be sure to look for syntax, logic, and run-time errors.
  2. Fix any errors that you find. Use in-line comments to explain how and why you fixed the bugs.
  3. Test your program. If you found and fixed all the errors, your code should function as specified:
    1. The code should allow users to enter basic, one operator arithmetic expressions using integers or doubles. Then, it should calculate the result of the expression and output the results. For example, if the user inputs “2 + 2,” the calculator should output “2 + 2 = 4.”
    2. The operations the program should perform are addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/).
    3. The user should be asked whether they wish to continue after evaluating each expression. If the user types “Y” or “y,” the program should ask for a new arithmetic expression. If the user types “N” or “n,” the program should terminate with the message: “Program Finished.”

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