Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. Assignment 10: Final Project


For this lab you will need MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access as well as Internet access to do research on computer pricing, capabilities and features.
Lab summary and objectives: In this exercise you will:

  • Use the Internet to research prices on laptop
  • Use MS Excel to create a table and accompanying charts comparing laptop computer prices
  • Use MS Word to write a two-page memo-style proposal justifying your choice of purchase of
  • Use MS PowerPoint to create a short presentation on your research and
  • Use MS Access to create a small database table (and Form for extra credit) containing the information you have researched on Computer types, required hardware and required software


Part A:  Justification of laptop computer purchase for work purposes

Imagine that your work supervisor has informed you that the organization you work for will purchase a laptop or desktop computer of your choosing. You have a budget of $2,000 for a general business/multimedia-capable computer with accessories. You will research and compare three (3) or more computers; one of the desktops should be an Apple and the others should be Windows machines. You should evaluate the three computers based on YOUR needs – are you doing graphic design?  Are you just doing word processing and emails?  Are you programming?  Each of these will have different hardware and software requirements.
Part B: Mandatory elements
(Grading is based on overall professional look and inclusion of the following elements)

  1. Excel workbook with the following elements:
    1. Two tables with accompanying charts
    2. Four formulas (suggestions: sum, average, max, min)
    3. Formatting of text headings for clear reference of content
  2. Word document with the following elements:
    1. Memo template from MS Office
    2. Comparison of pricing and features of three (3) laptop computers
    3. Justification of selected computer with reference to Excel workbook
    4. One bulleted list and one numbered list
  3. PowerPoint presentation of content from memo, with the following elements:
    1. At least seven (7) slides, including title slide
    2. Graphics on at least three (3) slides (clipart, images from Internet of selected computers )
    3. PowerPoint chart on one
  4. Access database with the following elements:
    1. One table with the following fields
  5. Computer Name
  6. Storage capacity
  7. CPU Speed
  8. Screen size
  9. RAM capacity
  10. Extra credit: Create a Form in MS Access to enter the fields from number 4.

Computer Science homework help


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