Computer Science homework help

You will complete this assignment in Python 3.x. Make sure you have downloaded the software and it is installed correctly. You will download it from this site
You will code the following and submit it in one file. Use the information in the Content area for this week to assist you. Save it as a python file (.py), and upload it into the Assignments area.
Create 2 Python programs based on week 5 flowcharts and requirements. You must use loops, do not use function call
Here is a SAMPLE run for a simple calculator to add to numbers (this is for reference only)
Simple Calculator
What is your name –> Supa
Enter first number –> 7
Enter second number –> 5
Supa, The total of 7.0 + 5.0 = 12.0
Do you want another calculation ? (y/n) y
What is your name –> Lupa
Enter first number –> 21
Enter second number –> 11
Lupa, The total of 21.0 + 11.0 = 32.0
Do you want another calculation ? (y/n) n
Thanks for using my calculator
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