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History 1376 Expansion Paper Assignment
SHOULD USE ATLEAST 3 DIFFERENT SOURCES TO CITE (ex. Textbook, article and documentation) Address 2 different context
Citations: Throughout your paper, you must indicate the source of your information and evidence. Since the entire essay is about American Progress, you don’t need to cite the painting every time you analyze a piece of it. Other than American Progress, please cite your sources with the following parenthetical citations at the end of a sentence. If you cite:
Lecture: (lecture)
Article: author’s last name, shortened title in parentheses: i.e., (Ramos, “Alamo is a
Podcast: episode title, podcast title: i.e., (“Trail of Tears,” This American Life)
Primary document: shortened title/description: i.e., (T. Jefferson letter) or (Cherokee map)
Painting: shortened title/description: i.e., (casta painting) or (Alamo)
U.S.: A Narrative History: title and page number: i.e., (U.S.: A Narrative History, 40)
1,000-to-1,250 words
Double-spaced, one-inch margins
You must use at least three (3) different sources
You must cite your sources
The purpose of this paper is to analyze art as a historical source. The assignment is due by 11:59 pm on Sunday, October 26. Your papers must have your name at the top, and they must be double spaced
Assignment: In 1872, John Gast produced his famous painting, American Progress, for a popular publishing house specializing in travel guides. The image was reproduced extensively in guidebooks and therefore reached masses of Americans. (The assignment prompt is on the next page.)
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Using materials from readings, lectures, and lab discussions, answer the following question:
• Is this painting a realistic or unrealistic representation of U.S. westward expansion to 1872? How so?
Things to consider: what is and is not depicted; how the artist depicts westward-expansion scenes and the various individuals; how the scenes may reflect history and how they may not; how the scenes relate to one another; the overall message this painting conveys.
This is an argument-driven essay. You will state a clear argument at the beginning of the paper and use the body of your essay to back up your argument. You may only use materials from class to build your argument. Take your time with this assignment. Please be sure to keep your paper focused, clear, and concise.


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