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There is no shortage of organizational assessment models or methods. Ammons covers municipal organizations and includes police agencies in his report, “Signs of Performance Measurement Progress Among Prominent City Governments,” located in this week’s resources. It may be useful for criminal justice leaders to use this report as a starting point to help identify a model or method more suitable for their specific agencies.
For this Discussion, review the Ammons article in this week’s resources or an assessment model or method that you find in the literature.
ASSIGNMENT:  a description of the assessment model or method you believe would be useful for a criminal justice organization with which you are familiar. Explain the most important elements of the model. Describe the types of information this model/method gathers and the use of each. Then, explain how you might employ this model/method with the specific organization you have in mind.


Required Readings

Ammons, D. N. (2013). Signs of performance measurement progress among prominent city governments. Public Performance & Management Review, 36(4), 507–528.

Scott, M. S. (2012). What gets measured is the matter: The need for leading public safety indicators. In D. R. C. McCullough & D. L. Spence (Eds.), American policing in 2022: Essays on the future of a profession (pp. 43–47). Retrieved from http://www.calea.org/sites/default/files/Policing%202022-p235-pub.pdf


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