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Required Textbook: Dempsey, J. & Forst, L (2012). Police. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar. (ISBN: 9781133016656). You may use other sources and use APA formatting. No plagiarism please.
1. What was English policing and how did it affect our American system of policing?
2. What was the Colonial experiences in policing?
3. Explain the U.S. public/private security industry in America.
4. List and discuss the work of the four major US department agencies the major function of each.
5. Describe method of organizing police departments by personnel; by area; by time; by function or purpose and by territory.
6. What is the difference between sworn officers and non-sworn officers?
7. What are the standards in the police selection process?
8. Define and explain the job analysis.
9. What is the police selection process?
10. What are the characteristics of good police officers?
11. What is the department looking for during a background investigation and why? What area of the person’s life is investigated?
12. Why is the role of the police considered ambiguous and by whom?
13. What is the difference between police role and police style?
14. What is meant by discretion; police discretion?
15. In what ways is discretion exercised? Why?
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