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Kate Chopin and Edith Wharton wrote about the issues surrounding women, family, and women’s place in society.
Choose one of the assigned stories.
For your essay post, discuss one of the issues in the story you chose.
Reading Assignments:
1.The role of wife and mother in the late 19th century in mind: As you read the three short stories linked below, keep what you have learned in mind.
Kate Chopin
Read  “The Story of an Hour”:
Read  “Desirée’s Baby”
2. Edith Wharton
Read “The Other Two”:
Please Note: There are several transcription errors at the end of three sections in Wharton’s story.
You can ignore them:
End of section I: Waythorn moved away with a gesture of refusal
End of section III: “Why, how do you do?” she said with a distinct note of pleasure
End of section IV: “Earth’s Martyrs.” By Stephen Phillips.
Post Requirements :
1. 350 words in length
2. Cite your sources
3. Do not plagiarize


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