Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help.

When looking at choices in life, you need to look carefully at what comes with every choice. The choices we make in life have many consequences. 
After watching the TedTalk video attached to this assignment :
1. Write a five-paragraph essay (cause and effect  essay )discussing the effects of a valuable decision that you have made in your life and how it changed it. Be sure to include anecdotes, examples or facts to substantiate your points.
TedTalk video : The Paradox of Choice
2. Attach the outline that you used to create your essay .
To use the appropriate outline for this essay , click on one of the attachments  links to uses the appropriate method of outlining. ( you need to uses one of the outline methods  attached )
 3. Submit both the outline and the essay.
Do not Plagiarize assignment id going to be submitted into Turinit .
Remember to submit both outline and essay 
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Criminal homework help


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