CDC is committed to strengthening the nation’s health security by protecting against public health threats, whether they begin at home or abroad, or if they are natural or man-made. In 2017, three major hurricanes (Irma, Maria, and Harvey) ravaged states such as Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama to name a few.
Select one state to examine how they prepare for disasters.

  1. Describe the state’s emergency management program.
  2. How is emergency preparedness funded in the state?
  3. Do they have an EOC (Emergency Operation Center)? Explain.
  4. What agencies participate in the EOC? What role does the health agency play? Explain.
  5. What type of communications are sent to residents before, during, and after a disaster?
  6. Has the state experienced any major disasters recently? If so, provide two examples and explain the series of events.
  7. What steps are taken to constantly improve the state’s disaster preparedness?
  8. What are some ways people can prepare for a disaster?
  9. Include any additional information that would enhance your understanding.

NOTE: I encourage you to contact the state’s emergency management office for additional information.
Please compile the information you collected into a Word document and include supporting documentation. Make sure your responses are numbered. This assignment is worth 100 points. You will earn 90 points for the overview and 10 points for responding to two classmates. Your replies should be at least one paragraph to obtain full points.


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