does potassium permanganate diffuse more rapidly through water or through agar gel? why?

Does diffusion occur faster in water or agar? – Diffusion in gels, as well as in viscous liquids, is slower than in water. The cytoplasm in cells is very thick and viscous – it flows very slowly. The high viscosity of the cytoplasm causes particles in cells to diffuse more slowly than particles diffusing in water.

Why does potassium permanganate diffuse faster in cold water? – Molecules move faster at higher temperatures, so the higher the temperature (the warmer the water), the faster potassium permangnate will diffuse into the water.

Which dye do you think will diffuse faster through the agar and why? – Based on this information, which dye do you think diffused faster through the agar, and why? a. Methylene blue had a higher molecular weight, so it was able to diffuse more rapidly spreading farther through the agar in the same time.

Why do you think potassium permanganate diffuse faster than methylene blue? – There is a substantial difference in molecular weight between Methylene Blue (320 g/mol) and Potassium Permanganate (158 g/mol). The combined molecules present in Potassium Permanganate are lighter than those in Methylene Blue, and therefore should allow it to diffuse more rapidly.

What happens when potassium permanganate is added to water? – When a crystal of potassium permanganate is placed at the bottom of the water in a beaker, the water in the whole beaker turns purple on its own, even without stirring.

How does Agar affect diffusion? – Diffusion occurs when molecules in an area of higher concentration move to an area of lower concentration. As hydrogen ions from the vinegar move into the agar cube, the color of the cube changes allowing you to see how far they have diffused.

What happens to potassium permanganate in cold water? – Hot and cold water Question: In the dissolution of the permanganate crystals in the cold water, one notes that there is little trace of the permanganate at the top off the cylinder, and the trace becomes more vivid toward the bottom of the cylinder.

How can you explain diffusion using potassium permanganate? – Explanation: When the crystals of potassium permanganate are kept in water, the purple-coloured crystals of potassium permanganate break further into smaller particles that occupy the space between the molecules of water imparting a purple colour to the water. This is an example of diffusion.

What happens when potassium permanganate is added to cold water? – Expert-verified answer When a piece of Potassium permanganate (KMnO₄) is added to or placed at the bottom of a beaker which contains cold water, then the water turns into a purple coloured solution. 1. The colour of the solution is dark purple after 5 mins of the addition of the KMnO₄ piece to the water.

Why did the dye molecules move in agar gel? – Random movements of the dye and water molecules cause them to bump into each other and mix. Thus, the dye molecules move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. Eventually, they are evenly spread throughout the solution.

Why would adding a different number of potassium permanganate crystals to the water and agar dishes in the experiment be a problem? – Ch5(Diffusion/Density)Why would adding a different number of potassium permanganate crystals to the water and agar dishes in the experiment be a problem? If we use a different number of crystals in each dish, we will not be able to compare results, thus invalidating the experiment.

What is the experiment on diffusion of dye through agar about? – The objective was to compare the rates at which the liquid compound of different molecular weight diffused through agar. This was achieved by obtaining agar in a petri dish with two wells to hold the liquid compounds. The rate was measured by time and diameter distance diffused.

In which experiment was diffusion the fastest? – -In which experiment was diffusion the fastest? Diffusion was faster in the liquid experiment. – What accounts for the difference in speed? The cells in the substance made to diffuse are much bigger which means that the dye cant travel as it would normally do to dissolve in water.

In which of the following would the rate of diffusion be fastest? – Diffusion is fastest through gases, followed by liquid, then plasma, and lastly, solids. In chemistry, diffusion is defined as the movement of matter by the random motions of molecules.

How does rate of diffusion depend on the speed of molecular motion? – How does the speed of diffusion depend on the speed of the molecules? The faster the molecules move, the greater the diffusion speed. In the region of high concentration of each substance, why is there a net movement of molecules outward? More molecules collide within the region of high concentration.

Which of these will affect the rate of diffusion? – The rate of diffusion is affected by the concentration gradient, membrane permeability, temperature, and pressure.

What makes things move across the cell membrane faster? – So to speed things up, large or charged particles diffuse through carrier proteins or channel proteins in the cell membrane instead – this is called facilitated diffusion. Like diffusion, facilitated diffusion moves particles down a concentration gradient, from a higher to a lower concentration.

What are the drawbacks of agar cup method? – Disadvantages are that some bacteria grow poorly or not at all on the media, and the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) cannot be determined. When broth microdilution methodology is used, a set concentration of bacteria is inoculated into each well of a 96-well plate containing an antimicrobial drug.

Is there any difference in the rate of diffusion as the size of the agar cubes increase? – Hypothesis: A smaller cell will have a higher diffusion rate because it has less volume and a larger surface area compared to larger cells.


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