Ecology homework help

Ecology homework help. Report Issue
Write a report (700-800 words can be more if you go over) on a natural park that you have personally visited during this semester. Comment on the plant and animal life and the type of management the site is under (is it a park, private land, state land?). Who takes care of the land, volunteers, paid personal, state workers, etc. Are there native or exotic species on the property and is there anything in place to control/protect them? (Just some ideas of things I like to see addressed, but add to it as you wish) Pictures are great, but not required. You may choose any state, county, or city park. Private property is also fine as long as you have permission to be on it. (For a list of local FL state parks go to (Links to an external site.)). If you are out of state, then find your state’s list of parks. They all have them. Please double space your paper. Zoos, water parks, theme parks etc. are not good choices for this assignment.

Ecology homework help


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