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The general theme is the exploration of a International Macroeconomic Issue.  The paper can take the form of any event/issue/trend that involves or originated in a foreign country.  You can relate it’s effects on the United States economy or focus it’s effects on the country where the topic originated.  Focus should be given on incorporating a minimum of 6 specific macroeconomic theories to your topic.  As in the first paper superior grades will be given to work which shows direct application of macroeconomic theory in either explaining your topic and/or establishing an opinion or argument.
The guidelines regarding length (minimum of 1,200 words), method of submission and works cited (minimum of 5 sources of which one MUST be class textbook) are the same as the first paper.
The following are meant as a starting point in choosing a topic:
-Coronavirus  / Macroeconomic Effects both in China and Globally
-Microlending / Macroeconomic Effects of Enabling Individuals to Prosper
-Dollarization /  Using the US Dollar as a Country’s Official Currency
-Tulipmania / The 1st True Asset Bubble-Netherlands 17th Century
-Venezuela / Hyperinflation and Socialist Government Structure
-Hyperinflation /  The Weimer Republic-Germany 1920s
–Olympics / Macroeconomic Consequences of Hosting Games
-Japan / Demographic Ticking Time Bomb
-Cuba / After the Castros-Economic Future of Cuba
–China/US Trade War / Implications on China Economy
-Brexit / Effect on British Livestock Industry
Macroeconomic Theory Points for Paper #2:
-Supply Side Economics
-Laffer Curve
-Systematic Risk/Too Big to Fail
-Glass Stegall Act
-Federal Reserve Bank
-European Central Bank (ECB)
-Unconventional Monetary Policy
-Quantitative Easing
-Policy Lag Time
-Expenditure Lag Time
-Monetarism / Milton Friedman
-Phillips Curve
-Direct Foreign Investment
-Dilemma of Demand Management
-Theory of Rational Expectations
-Exchange Rates / Fixed, Managed or Free Floating
-International Monetary Fund (IMF)
-Balance of Payments Surplus/Deficit
-Purchasing Power Parity
-Comparative Advantage


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