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Writing fluency is a foundational skill that can be integrated into instruction in all content areas. Creating meaningful and relevant cross-disciplinary lessons that integrate writing will help students demonstrate their comprehension in all content areas.
As the department lead, your principal has asked you to present information to your department about integrating writing into your content area.
Create a 10-12 digital slide presentation including the following:

  • Rationale of how writing standards can support learning in all content areas
  • Two examples of how teachers in your department can integrate writing to enhance learning in your content area
  • Two examples of writing strategies that teachers can use to engage students in diverse perspectives and various kinds of learning in your content area
  • Two activities that can support development of written expression in your content area (One of these activities will be implemented in Clinical Field Experience C.)
  • Explanation of the role of professional judgment and practical knowledge for improving the literacy development of all students across content areas
  • Title slide, reference slide, and presenter notes

The digital presentation must be visually appealing, including graphics that are relevant to the content, and using space appropriately.
Support your presentation with 3-4 scholarly resources.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,


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