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ECON 208 – Project
Due Date , 2020
The purpose of the Economic Project to enable students to collect economic data, graph, analyzes and explains data. This exercise is will develop the capacity to understand and analyze economic issues, and articulate their arguments clearly, in their own words. The evaluation and grading of the paper will depend both on the data collection and writing style to analyze the graph.
Economic Variables:
1- Real Gross Domestic Product,
2- The Unemployment Rate.
3- Consumer Price Index (National)
4- Per Capita Personal Income
5- Home Ownership Rate
6- State Budget Surplus or Deficit
Project Process;
1- Collect annual or quarterly data from 1980 -2019 for state MINNESOTA
2- Graph each variable in separate excel sheet
3- Explain each graph regarding reasons for recession and prosperity.
4- Run regression GDP as function of unemployment rate, per capita personal income and Homeownership rate.
5- Explain your regression results.
6- Conclusion
Cover Sheet
The cover page of the document should include the following information:
Name of Student
Name of State
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Econ 208, Spring 2020
Department of Economics


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