Education homework help

Education homework help.




  • Identify individual leadership strengths and opportunities for development.
  • Complete leadership assessments based on The Truth About Leadership (make sure you are signed into Safari) textbook and DISC profile.
  • Determine personal leadership strengths.
  • Illustrate personal strengths in an infographic format.

NOTE: This is a three-part assignment. Make sure to complete all three parts for full credit. The assignment is due at the end of Week 2. Use this time wisely as you complete your infographic. 


Knowing your strengths and weaknesses as a leader is key to leading effectively. By reflecting on past performance, you are able to determine the leadership truths that have contributed to both your successes and challenges.
1. Take the Leadership Assessment (Excel document).
2. Answer the following questions on the attached Word document. Include your name on this and all assignments.  Make sure you have read about your strength areas in The Truth About Leadership (make sure you are signed into Safari), so you can demonstrate an understanding of the concepts in your answers.


1. Take the DISC assessment at: DISC (
2. When completing this assessment: 

  • Put your school hat on and answer quickly. (Answer how you behave in school.)
  • Don’t overthink each answer.
  • Find your highest letter of Behavior (D, I, S, or C) or a combination of letters.
  • Take a screen shot of your results (shift, command, 3). Your results are lost once you leave the page.

3.  Read about your style (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliant) on the assessment webpage.


The purpose of this assignment is to express an understanding of your leadership strengths in an Infographic format. For those students who are taking Portfolio courses, you will use this information for those classes.
You will begin creating your Personal Best Leadership Profile in the format of an electronic Infographic. Your final assignment in the course will be adding to this infographic. You can use any colors and style of your choice.
This Infographic will showcase two out of four sections: (You will include additional sections in your final assignment.)
1. Your three leadership truth strengths from the textbook. Use your assessment to determine strengths. Include the truth names and personal summary statements about how you use the truths in your life.
2. Your one – two DISC Profile strengths (From the DISC assessment). Include the style name(s) and a personal summary of strengths including traits that are strengths of your style.
You will add the other sections in your final assignment.
You can choose any electronic application for your Infographic. There are several no cost basic options. These include: 


– Leadership Assessment Word Document
– DiSC Profile Screenshot Results
– An Electronic Leadership Infographic

Education homework help


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